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Suavinex - All Baby Bottle Collection

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Product Description
Suavinex bottle collection, with silicone anatomical teat and 150ml ~ 360ml content is suitable for children from newborn and up. The ergonomic shape of this bottle ensures a comfortable and secure grip. The large round opening makes it easy to fill and clean the baby bottle. The baby bottle is equipped with a medium flow teat with anti-colic system, which avoids discomforts such as cramps, hiccups and gaseous colic.

- Content: 150ml/270ml/360ml (please select the available size from variation)
- Material teat: silicone
- Material bottle: BPA-free polyamide
- Teat shape: anatomical (oblique)
- Medium flow: suitable for milk or juice
- The large round opening makes it easy to fill and clean the bottle
- The ergonomic shape of the bottle provides more comfortable and secure grip.
- Anti-colic valves that avoid the inconveniences such as hiccups and gaseous colic
- Suitable from newborn and up

Why BPA-FREE is so important? How BPA toxic harm us?
- BPA give negative effects to babies
- BPA can do unexpected damage to your teeth
- BPA exposure during early life may influence birth weight, hormonal development, behavior and cancer risk in later life
- BPA may raise your risk of obesity
- BPA exposure has been linked to heart disease and diabetes
- BPA May Cause Infertility in Men and Women

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