PITTARi Innovative Wrap Baby Carrier

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Innovative baby wrap with waist belt, PITTARi wrap offers both strength and stretch, thus keeping baby safe and secure. Best product to start to use baby wrap!

The PITTARi sling is a fabulous Newborn wrap carrier. The fabric is super soft and stretchy, comes in plain chic colours that can be folded away into a belt to keep safe clean and compact.  The fabric is stored when not in use thus keeping the sling in the correct position for each subsequent use.  This innovative belt design also means the Wrap Sling has less fabric than conventional wrap slings. The belt becomes the base of the sling and gives extra security once tied in place.

Clean Easy and Compact.
innovative breathable fabric, less heat build up with baby beneficial position for baby, C curve for baby’s spine and M shape for baby’s legs compact and light with a waist belt and storage pouch less fabric than other wraps as the belt holds the sling in place the belt increases the security and strength of the sling safe, sturdy and secure


Newborn carrying: Birth 10 Days - 4 Months (Around 3.5kg to 6kg)
Face-to-face carrying: 4 Months - 2 Years (Around 6 kg to 13 kg)
Hip-carrying: 4 Months - 3 Years (Around 6 kg to 13 kg)

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