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Aiwibi Soothing Nappy Rash Cream with Herbal Essence Extracts (50g)

RM 24.90
Aiwibi Soothing Nappy Rash Cream with Herbal Essence Extracts (50g) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Baby nappy rash cream is specially designed for a delicate protection to baby’s butts, with the selected ingredients. Gentle, nourishing and skin-friendly, it isolated the baby’s hip from the stained nappy and then protects baby’s skin gently.

Net weight: 50g


  • Reliable Nappy Change Cream.
  • Perilla seed +Panax Ginseng root extract.
  • Nourishing and skin-friendly.
  • Relieve red butts.

Gentle Protection for Delicate Skin:

Nourish pure and sensitive skin with the best ingredients from nature. Experience full range of plant-rich baby care, elaborately designed for baby's delicate skin.

Simple Mild Formula:

Our products are free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates.And it’s hypoallergenic and gentle enough for baby delicate skin.

Effective Overnight Protection:

Soothes, relieves and treats the discomfort caused by diaper rash through instantly forming a protective barrier, and block out wetness for up to 12 hours. (Apply to the whole diaper area after careful cleaning at every diaper change)


1. How To Use? 

To help restore and soothe baby's skin against moderate to troublesome rashes in the diaper area, apply the cream with every diaper change. Use as often as needed, especially for overnight protection.

2. What causes diaper rash?

It primarily happens to the skin prolonged and increased exposure to wetness. Other factors: the closed environment created by the diaper, chafing from friction/rubbing against diapers or skin wrinkle, and skin’s prolonged contact with urine and/or feces.

3. What are the signs and symptoms of diaper rash?

Some or all of the following: pinkness/ redness wherever the diaper touches, dry or fluid-filled raised bumps, flaking, dryness or peeling/scaling of the skin, raised areas, and chafing. Affected areas may feel warm when touching.

4. How to prevent diaper rash?

Keep baby’s skin clean and dry, put on the diaper after diaper area gets dry, and protect baby’s skin with a diaper rash cream. Try Aiwibi diaper rash cream for a rapid relief: It protects against diaper rash from the first use and works at the first hint of rash.


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